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Keep Your Home Safe with Our Home Security Sacramento Services

We all remember the days when our children could ride their bikes around the neighborhood without a concern in the world. It was not uncommon to keep your doors unlocked whether you were home or not! The fact is these were safer times, times when most people didn’t have to worry about the safety of their children or their homes being burglarized. Unfortunately we live in a different time. It’s not uncommon for people these days to keep a closer eye on their families, lock their doors whether they are home or not, and be increasingly aware of the dangers around them. This can cause a person to become paranoid and scared that something could happen to their belongings or even worse their family. If you are thinking about Home security in Sacramento you are not alone!

Monix Security Provides Sacramento Home Security

At Monix Security we want to put your mind at ease. There’s nothing worse than being afraid, even within your own home. Our home security systems give you peace of mind you deserve so you can rest easy, knowing your family and your possessions are safe and sound. We offer many different packages that will give you everything you need to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. Some of the many products we provide and install include:

Video Cameras with DVR

This is the most basic form of security. Even the presence of a security camera will go a long way. Many criminals will not risk burglarizing a home that has cameras when they have the option of going somewhere that doesn’t. We have many different options for cameras in color and black and white, some with night vision, and some with audio. All of our video cameras have the capability of being attached a DVR which will record hours and hours of footage in the case where you might need identify a suspect. What features you choose depends on your needs and budget for you and your Sacramento home theater.

Whole House Alarm with Door and Window Sensors

We install whole house alarm systems that will make sure that no one is getting in without you knowing about it. Door and window sensors will make sure that if anything is opened while your alarm is activated the alarm will go off and the authorities will be notified. We also offer other lines of defense including motion detectors and heat sensors depending on the level of security you are looking for. Many people are wary of whole house alarms because many of the older models were hard to operate and would end up going off when they weren’t supposed to. Newer models are more user friendly than ever – even your kids can use it! This is the best thing you can do to get your home safe and secure fast. While we offer many different models at different price points, this is the best thing you can spend your money on no matter what you choose.

Home Automation

Home Automation is the wave of the future. In the past if you left the garage door open, left your doors unlocked or left a light on you had to go home to make sure it was taken care of. With our many home automation products you can be certain your home is secure with the tap of your smartphone’s screen. It doesn’t matter if you are across town at work or across the country on vacation. With the use of a smart phone app you can not only see if everything is locked and secure, you can even close and lock doors that may have been left open! Not only that, with our home security system integration you can view the cameras within your home if you need to check on a babysitter, your family dog, or you just want to make sure everything is still safe.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line home security systems in Sacramento look no further than Monix Security. We have all the solutions you need to make sure your home is safe and secure. Don’t spend any more time worrying about whether or not your home is safe. Call us today to find out how we can help!